SEASON 2013-2014

where's gesualdo?

Strap on your seat belts: this will be one of our most dark, dramatic and deliciously twisted concerts ever! Gesualdo, the maverick Italian Renaissance nobleman/composer/murderer, has always fascinated us. His strange chromatic harmonies could be from today rather than 1600. In fact, the modern mavericks—Berg, Schoenberg and Stravinsky—loved his work. This concert weaves together works from both periods, plus Andrew Balfour and Michael McKay have both written pieces inspired by Gesualdo. Andrew takes a stab (pun intended!) at Gesualdo’s murder of his wife and her lover. Michael wonders if he will find absolution…

We are honoured to have Christopher Jackson, one of the top early music conductors in the world, holding the baton for this concert.

Sponsored by Assiniboine Credit Union