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Help us create and innovate.

Dead of Winter (Camerata Nova) is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization (Registered Charity No. 870058518RR0001). Exploring, taking risks and developing exciting new programming takes time, energy and money. This support makes all the difference and allows us to pay for: commissioning of new works; hiring top local musicians; researching rare scores; administrative support; bringing in renowned players/coaches; and it also makes it possible for us to welcome audience members who may not otherwise be able to come to our concerts.

Your donation makes a massive difference! Through your generosity, we are able to bring to our communities extraordinary talent, original music and innovative performances that have become the hallmark of Dead of Winter (formerly Camerata Nova). You can support the choir safely and securely with a tax-deductible donation anytime throughout the year. Tax receipts can be downloaded once a donation is completed and are sent by email immediately following your payment.

Thank you for your support! 

Thank you to our 2021-2022 Season Supporters!

Pat Allan
Liam Berry
Martha Blouw
Kyle Briscoe
Mark Brubacher
Corinne Eisenbraun
Loraine De Baets
Julie Fast
Christina Fabas-Pirie
Leslie Fingler
Heather Frayne
Karen Goodridge
Amanda Harding
Roger Hayes
Breanna Heinrichs
Craig Holigroski
Monica Hultin
Anne Janes
Anna Kajtar
Marlene Klassen
Sara Krahn
Thomas Kucera
Kenneth Kuhn
Katarina Kupca
Letty Lawrence
Zandra Lea
Ron LeDoyen
Catherine MacDonald
Frances Jill Mathews
Judy McPherson
Belle Meiklejohn 
Kelley Ritchie
Ron & Sandi Mieltiz
Derek Morphy
Virgil Nathaniel
Denise Penley
Marlene Permanand
Greg Petzoid
John and Donna Platt
Dr. Bill Pope & Dr. Elizabeth Tippett-Pope
Sandra Popham
Mary Jo Quarry
Kris Ramsay
Andrea Ratuski
Bill Reid
Dianne Renick
Darla Rettie
Shaun Richens
Carolyn Rickey
Kelley Ritchie
Nicola Schaefer
Mary Schultz
Michelle Smith
Muriel Smith
Harvey Stevens
Lea Stogdale
Sally, Conrad, Beau and Sophie Sweatman
Sandra Thacker
Bernice A Turner
Lynne Ward
Anthony Waterman
Mavis Whicker
Harry & Susan Wiens