SEASON 2014-2015

the hermetic ode - choral alchemy

Hang on to your hats…transformation: magical or scientific, early and contemporary, is the rich theme around which Michael McKay has designed this concert. The repertoire is diverse and fascinating, from a piece written by Dufay for the opening of the famous Duomo in Florence in 1436 to a work by McKay celebrating the Masonic/alchemic design of the Manitoba Legislative Building. Fission and fusion are involved as various pieces get pulled apart and re-combined in various form. Electronics will play a role as will visuals. Michael Schellenberg is debuting a work for electronically altered choir and Manitoba visual artist Margruite Krahn is partnering with Andrew Balfour to produce a multimedia work with a series of panels on the theme of alchemy.

McKay, with his rich acting background, will narrate through the minefields and there will be humour as well as enlightenment and surprise.

Adventure anyone?

Individual Ticket Prices: Adults $28 | Seniors $23 | Students $12

Special thanks to our concert supporters:
Terracon Development Ltd | The Asper Foundation | WAG

Visual Art Patrons: Harry & Susan Wiens