SEASON 2015-2016

british mysteries

The Music of Taverner (1490-1545) and Tavener (1944-2013)

For the final concert of their 20th anniversary season, Camerata Nova features the mystical, other-worldly music of John Tavener (1944-2013) and the rare, brilliant compositions of his forbear, John Taverner (c. 1490-1545). Guest conductor John Wiens will lead the choir as they sing the music of the two Tave(r)ners and some of their contemporaries. The concert is a return to Camerata Nova’s roots as an unaccompanied choir – a fitting way to wrap up their 20th anniversary season.

At British Mysteries, Camerata Nova will also be featuring an art show (by painters Paul Toews and Lily Lim) and unveiling its 2016-2017 programming. Also, there will be a pre-concert show at 7:30 on Saturday and 2:30 on Sunday by Kelvin High School Senior Chamber Choir, winner of the Camerata Nova Bursary, 2016 Winnipeg Music Festival.

Special thanks to our concert supporters: Assiniboine Credit Union | Drs Bill Pope & Elizabeth Tippett Pope.